Different Types of Metal Working Processes

Almost all of the metal parts we use today are fabricated in some way or another. The unique shapes and sizes of metal are derived from different types of metal working processes. Some of the processes in this regard are more popular than others. This is due to their ability to obtain the desired shapes and sizes with the minimum amount of faults. The latest technology has really given a new impetus to the way metal is fabricated in various shapes and sizes. Robots and computerised technology are in the forefront of this revolution. This has taken the metal industry by storm today. This article highlights some of today’s the most popular types of metal working processes.

1. Bending

Bending is one of the most popular metal working processes used today. It could be done manually or through an automated process. The automated process is faster and far more accurate than the manual process. This process is important in creating various shapes such as triangular, U, V and other channel shapes. The process uses a fewer tools and involve several sub-processes. This is why bending is quite popular currently as a metal working process.

2. Cutting

Cutting is another popular metal working process today. There are different tools which are used to obtain the desired shape in this process. The process is done manually with shears, saws and chisels. Automating the process with grinding, turning and milling would definitely help to achieve much accurate and faster results.

3. Roll Forming

Roll forming is another popular metal working process which is quite similar to bending. It is able to produce longer forms and larger quantities of metal via the roll forming method. It is perfect for creating cross sections of metal. Computer simulation is used in this process for better results. Roll forming is able to produce much thinner metal sheets than any other method used today.

4. Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is a process that helps to cut metal more precisely without messing the edges of thick metal. A plasma torch and an inert gas are used in this type of metal working process. This method is quite fast and with extreme precision. This will help reduce production costs while increasing the production volume.

5. Stamping

Stamping is another popular type of metal working process used today. The method uses a machine press or similar tool to cut the metal. This process relies on computer technology in order to help minimise expensive mistakes and increase the volume of production.

6. Shearing

Shearing is another popular metal working process which is widely used today. This process gives very clean cuts without much waste in the form of metal chips. Curved and straight cutting blades are used for this process.

7. Hydroforming

Hydroforming is another popular type of metal working process that is commonly used nowadays. A hydraulic fluid is used in this method. There is no need for numerous tools in using this process. It has the ability to produce complex shapes of metal than all the other metal working processes.
The aforementioned are some of the most popular metal working processes used today in various industrial and architectural works.

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