The difference between Fat Freezing and Weight Loss

Fat freezing VS Weight Loss

Before you begin to comprehend the difference between fat freezing and weight loss, it is essential to understand how the fat cells work.

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Fat Cells

When we eat carbohydrates or fat, it travels through the digestive system to the liver. The liver processes the fat and retains some for its functioning. The extra fat is absorbed by the fat cells, which leads to an increase in our weight.

Now, by the time we reach the teenage phase of life, the number of fat cells in our body becomes constant (almost!). An increase in body weight does not mean an increase in the number of fat cells and vice versa. An increase in body weight means that the size of the fat cells has increased.

When we try to lose weight through exercises and diets, all we are trying to achieve is a reduction in the size of the fat cells. The fat cells cannot be eliminated from the body through exercises and diet.

With this basic understanding in place, let us move towards the difference between weight loss and fat freezing.


Weight Loss vs. Fat Freezing

During the weight loss process, we exercise to strengthen our muscles which help to cut fat and control our diets to overall reduce the size of the fat cells. As a result, we notice a change in the body weight on the weighing scale.

However, as anyone trying for weight loss would understand, the weight loss regime does not get rid of stubborn fat. This is the reason why love handles are so common, the bulge around the underarms, the size of the thighs or the upper arms are usually heavier. Even someone with a perfect figure has some complaints about their body. This is where the fat freezing process comes.

The fat freezing treatment is not a replacement for exercises and diet control. What it does is ‘freeze’ the stubborn fat visible in certain areas and the metabolic system of the body removes the fat cells from the body. During the fat freezing treatment, the fat cells freeze and begin to disintegrate. The process continues to post the treatment.


Where does the Fat go?

As the cells begin to collapse, other cells consume the dead fat cells over the next few weeks, and they are naturally eliminated from the body. The fat sculpting method helps to remove around 20% to 25% fat cells from the treatment area.

Do note that the fat freezing method will not help in losing weight. It just removes the unwanted fat from targeted areas, which helps you to look slimmer. Lastly, you need to control the carbohydrate consumption post the treatment to maintain the look; otherwise, the remaining fat cells will continue to expand, and you will lose the desired look once again.

If you want to know more about fat freezing, also known as CoolSculpting, contact Xara Skin Clinic today for a consulting session to understand your suitability for the fat freezing treatment.


Source: Courtesy of Xara Skin Clinic Sydney, Australia