Importance of Business Cards and Why Do they Matter?

A business card might be small in size, but it is critical for the development of any business, whether big or small. It is always handed over to the customers and the prospects, so it is considered a personalized marketing form. Business cards are available in multiple designs, and they offer tremendous opportunities for promoting your business.

There are many reasons why the business cards still matter in this digital age. Some of the reasons are discussed below:

Follow up

When you meet people during business meetings and you want to build a business relationship with them, then this card gives you the opportunity to follow up with them instantly without reaching out to phone or a pen. You can send or receive the contact information through emails or text messages right on the spot because it becomes very impersonal. Actual conversation is very crucial for building long-lasting relationships.

Effective marketing tool

SEO, email marketing, and paid media are all great in attracting prospects and leads but they are still considered ineffective in comparison to the personal meetings together with the exchange of business cards. You can meet a prospective lead at any time, whether it is at the industry conferences, tradeshows, or at the airport lounges.

During all these times, the cards can prove to highly useful in making a great business connection. Always keep some of the cards in your wallet or in your laptop bag so that you never miss out a prospective lead.

First impression

When you meet a person who could be your potential prospect, you will always want to have a good impression of your brand. A business card works in more ways than one, it does not only pass on your contact information. It is a vital component of a favorable first impression.

An eye-catching and attractive card that contains all the relevant information can grab the attention of a prospective client and it will help you to remain in his memory much after your first meeting. Business cards enhance credibility, professionalism, and legitimacy.


The business cards can travel with you all the time and if you need to make frequent business trips then they can serve as the essential marketing tools. When you attend the trade shows or the business conventions they can easily facilitate establishing and maintaining a relationship, which can pave the way for future business opportunities. As the cards are portable, you can easily keep a stack of them with you all the time.

Low cost

The cards are cost-effective marketing tools used by the small businesses. They are inexpensive and any local printing company can print several cards for a few dollars. Even the availability of plenty of online printing companies can help you to get a competitive deal. If you have the graphic designing skills, then you can create as well as produce the cards with the help of the online business card programs. This will further decrease the costs.


When someone has to write the contact information on the napkin, or when someone’s mobile is showing low battery, then it is not a professional approach. For instance, if you meet two people, one who is trying hard to find a pen to write on and the other one simply takes out a business card, then who will impress you more? When you show to others that you are well-prepared, then it is a good indication of your professionalism.

It is important to remember that business encounters happen with different people at different places. In such cases, always be prepared encash those opportunities and nothing can be more effective in such occasions than a business card.