Megasaw: Top-notch Concrete Cutting & Drilling Specialist

There are many different concrete cutting and drilling specialists in Melbourne that offer the safest and cost-effective services. However, there’s only one company that excels above the rest by the name of Megasaw.


MEGASAW is a concrete cutting, drilling, and sawing as well as a grinding business that has been in the industry for over 20 years. We have a high level of experience in this industry and employ a team of professionals who can come to your location and help you complete your project.

Here is a quick overview of what most concrete cutting services provide, and why you should choose Megasaw in your next construction projects.


What Megasaw Can Do?


A Husqvarna hand saw is much more versatile for areas where there is a high degree of inaccessibility. This is essential especially where road saws would typically be used. They are perfect for cutting superficial wall depths, surpassing what can be achieved when using an ordinary wall saw.

If you have a project that involves cutting through bricks and concrete or other similar types of material, you can’t go wrong with Megasaw’s expert help and cutting-edge equipment.


Other Services

Megasaw is very versatile with regards to jobs that require concrete cutting and drilling.


We also offer road sawing, diamond grinding, and even ring sawing if you need it. Regardless of the type of job that you require, we have 10 fully equipped service vans that can travel throughout Victoria and to your location whenever you need our help.

We are committed to providing the best possible outcome and a 100% satisfaction guaranteed work.


How to Set Your Appointment

The easiest way to avail of Megasaw’s service is calling them at 1300 920 419 up or visiting our website to check the services we offer.

We make it very easy for our customers to contact us online or over the phone to schedule an appointment.

Based at Dandenong South, we are centrally located so we can get to your location quickly. Relying on Megasaw for your concrete cutting and drilling service needs will definitely give you peace of mind and excellent results at a reasonable price.


What Makes MegaSaw Unique?

The fact that we have been an expert in the industry for over 20 years is reason enough for us to be an incomparable concrete cutting and drilling service provider in Melbourne.

Being strategically located and equipped with fully serviced vans, we can arrive at your location fully prepared to complete the job.

Best of all, along with our two decades of experience in the industry, we can guarantee that our team of specialists is professional, reliable and friendly.

You simply will not find a better concrete cutting business in the Melbourne area other than Megasaw. That is why every time you’ll need a concrete cutting and drilling company you should consider giving Megasaw a call today 1300 920 419.