The Differences Between Sandblasting and Water Blasting

remove paint by air pressure sand blasting

Cleaning off metal or a building’s exterior can be a challenge. However, if people don’t find chemical treatments effective, they will often look for different methods that actually work.

Two of the methods available are sandblasting and water blasting, but they need to know which of these methods is better. By knowing what these are and their differences, it will be easy for building owners or homeowners to choose the right type of blasting treatment.

What is Sandblasting

Sandblasting uses abrasive grit sand to remove loose paint, rust, and other materials. One of the problems with sandblasting is that the work area becomes quite dusty so having a well-ventilated space is the key to solving this issue.

Many consider sandblasting effective because it can remove the littlest of dirt that is often overlooked when using other techniques or treatments.

What is Water Blasting

Water blasting is another name for pressure washing, which is the technique commonly used on homes, decks and painted items.
As the name implies, it makes use of water, which comes out of a little nozzle through ultra-high pressure.

In this type of blasting, the key is to have a steady supply of water, which could be a problem in areas that have limited supply of it. The area also needs to have a containment system to catch the runoff.

Water blasting is often used as the starting point of blasting projects, as it is does not work as effectively on fine details

What is the Difference

When you look at these two, the differences are quite evident. First, of course, are the main elements used in getting jobs done: fine sand and water. Second is how and where these two are used. Sandblasting is used on surfaces or areas with fine details because it does less damage to the underlying surface. Water blasting, on the other hand, is considered as a general remover and it can actually damage the underlying materials if not careful.

Removing the top layer of any surface is quite challenging so building owners and homeowners should be aware that there are two techniques that can be used to remove dirt, paint and unwanted particles – sandblasting and water blasting.

However, to ensure they are using the proper method, they need to know about the differences of the two methods and the conditions these two could be most effective. This way, they’re guaranteed that the material’s condition will not be damaged.