The World’s Top Five Precious Metals

Apart from being aesthetically fashionable, precious metals such as gold and silver are highly valuable and worth a lot of money. That is why most people who are in possession of these precious stuff often keep them in safes or locked them away in secured cabinets. But other than gold and silver, there are also other metals which hold an equal value. Some are even regarded having higher value than gold. This article provides information about these five other metals that hold special value equivalent to the precious silver and gold.


Rhodium is a silvery-coloured metal that is highly valuable and extremely rare. This precious metal is used for the reflective properties it holds. Rhodium has a very high melting point. In addition, it has the ability to resist and withstand corrosion. The countries that are the largest producers of this rare metal include Canada, Russia and South Africa.

Rhodium is used in objects such as finishing touches in jewellery, mirrors and lights. This is due to its highly reflective properties. Rhodium has a high value in various industrial fields and in certain automotive industries.


This precious metal became popular due to its favourable properties that include density, malleability and its highly non-corrosive properties. Platinum is very similar to palladium in regards to its abilities in withstanding high quantities or levels of hydrogen. Three of the largest producers of platinum include Canada, Russia and South Africa.

Platinum is known for its remarkable resistance and appealing lustrous appearance. The main uses of platinum include:

  • Jewellery production
  • Aeronautics industry
  • weaponry
  • dentistry


Palladium is a greyish-white metal that holds value due to its malleability and rarity. It can sustain its stability even under extremely hot conditions. In addition, it has amazing abilities in absorbing high quantities of hydrogen when placed under room temperature conditions. Four of the largest producers of platinum include Canada, United States, South Africa and Russia.

Most jewellers make use of palladium in creating “white gold” jewellery. Some automobile makers use this metal for various catalytic converters in order to lower emissions. Certain electronics and alloys manufacturers also use palladium to plate with.


Ruthenium is part of the “platinum” family of precious metal. It is associated with most of this type of metal group’s characteristics. These popular characteristics include abilities in withstanding various outdoor elements, its rarity and extreme hardness. Some of the largest producers of ruthenium are Canada, South and North America and Russia.

This precious metal is easily added as a type of alloy to either palladium or platinum to increase the hardness as well as better resistance. In addition, this metal has gained popularity in certain electronic fields as a method of plating electric contacts.


Iridium is known as the highest extreme member that falls under the “platinum” group of metals. Iridium is a whitish metal that has an extremely high type of melting point. It is known to be a top rated dense element and is the most “corrosion-resistant” metal. This metal is processed from the precious metal known as “platinum ore” and as a type of by-product from nickel mining.

Iridium has contributed to a number of automobiles, electronics and medicine advancements. In addition, it is used in various products such as compasses, watches and pens.