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Tips to Holiday on Wheels – Caravanning

You are all set to spend your holidays on wheels, thinking about all the excitement and thrill coming your way along with this caravan holiday, but are you sure you are ready for the adventure?  

Whether you are a first-time traveller or a veteran traveller, here is a list of factors that can give you the best out of your Caravanning holiday.

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It’s not easy, but take it easy

There is no doubt that you are on an adventurous trip, but adventure does not come by risking your life. Before you leave for the holiday, you need to keep in mind that driving on a regular day, in your car is in no case similar to what you are planning to do. Heaving a caravan behind your car is a lot more terrible job than you can think.

Make sure you do not lose control of this gigantic vehicle by over speeding.  Over speeding not only eats up your fuel but also puts you and others on the road under the risk of an accident.

While towing a caravan, it’s important to stay calm, focused and controlled. With a little extra care, you can have a safe journey. Before leaving for the holiday, make sure you check all the safety locks and caravan aids.

What you need and what you don’t

Going out with a good planning always works. Going on a caravanning adventure without a proper plan can put you into trouble. So, before hitting the roads make a checklist of what you need and what you don’t. You are already carrying a huge vehicle with you, so, you would obviously not want to overstuff yourself. Therefore, it’s vital to mark down the things which are not needed.

Some of the most important items that should be there on your checklist are:

  • ·         Wheel chocks of the caravan
  • ·         Towing aid
  • ·         Extra fuel
  • ·         Caravan Jack
  • ·         Fire extinguisher
  • ·         Maps and guides
  • ·         Tools – Car and Caravan
  • ·         Battery Box and battery charger

Other than the above-mentioned items you can add items according to your need.

Early mornings are best to start

If you are experienced, you probably understand the importance of starting your journey early morning. Early mornings are best to start, with a pleasant weather and little traffic, you will feel more confident and safe to drive.

Go as planned and not as viewpoints say

Go as discussed or planned. Use your maps and guides. Remember how you planned everything because planning is crucial. Taking a new route, just because your friend thinks it’s a shorter route can end up being lost in an unknown land.


Trust your planning; you won’t regret.

Still in doubt? No worries, there are plenty of courses available for beginners who are severe about caravanning. Practical always speaks better than theory. If not a class at least tries a test drive with your caravan.